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Apple is really cleaning house in the App Store as the company seems to have eradicated certain services from the store. This time Cupertino has targeted apps that offer downloads from third party music services. The cut was noticed by MacRumors and follows Apple's earlier clamp down on apps that require social media for extra incentives. According to the report, the company has culled most of the apps that offer downloads of content from providers such as YouTube and Sound Cloud.

MacRumors provides a screen shot of an older search that showed a large number of apps (main image), while CNET later conducted its own search and found many apps to be missing. There are still come remaining stragglers, but according to the websites a search of "music downloads" now yields more streaming services than third party downloaders. Just for accuracy, we also conducted our own search with those terms and can confirm that the number of third party apps has dropped.

There are still some around though, which means Apple killed the others for deeper reasons, likely because they infringed more guidelines. Apple regularly clamps down on offending apps and cleans the App Store regularly, but rarely have we seen so many sent packing in one go. Could the recent acquisition of Beats and Apple's need to push iTunes Radio have something to do with it? According to CNET that is a possibility, but considering most of the apps killed were not direct rivals, and services like Spotify are still very much present, we tend to think not.


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