WWDC 2014

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is set to get underway between June 2nd and June 6th and typically the tech world is speculating about which products the company will launch.

The rumour circulating over the last week has been that Apple is about to launch a smart home product, while of course the usual suspects such as iPhones and iPads have also been mooted. While a software based system like a smart home product could be unveiled, sadly those hoping for some serious hardware will be left disappointed.

Simply put, Cupertino does not use WWDC to launch products; instead it uses the event as a showcase of new software. So yes, expect to see iOS 8, OS X 10.1, and maybe a smart home interface, but do not stick around for the iPhone 6 or the much awaited iWatch.

When Apple shocked the tech world by replacing the iPad 3 after just six months two years ago, the company made a very specific statement. Cupertino was saying that it was shifting its calendar so that all product launches would fall in the last quarter of the year (the iPad had been a first quarter launch previously). The company will stick with that plan for the foreseeable future as it capitalizes on the key Holiday Season.

Sure, you may get some subtle or not so subtle hints about upcoming products, but you will not get a grand reveal at WWDC next week. In fact, any report claiming a new Apple device is due before September is likely wrong, at least according to the sources I have contacted close to the company.

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