When Shazam updated its iOS apps to let users listen to identified songs in Deezers, users of the streaming music service were likely pleased to be able to learn the name of a song and then launch it in Deezer to save it to their playlists or learn more about the artist. Spotify users were likely less enthused because the update removed that option for them.

Shazam users in the United Kingdom and other markets were Deezer is available report that the app has directly replaced the Spotify connection with Deezer. This means they can no longer let Shazam identify the name of a song and bring it up in Spotify. The same is true of users in Germany, Mexico, and Brazil. Days after users complained about the change and accused Shazam of only making the switch to a less popular streaming service because of financial considerations, Shazam said:

We’re currently trialling different streaming partners to see which are used by more of our users. Spotify integration (which we’re currently working on to improve) may be returned at a later date.

If you don't feel like waiting for the results of that trial, there's always Soundhound.


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