When Apple introduced iMessage in iOS 5, many iPhone users were rightfully excited about the process of a better way to send free messages without having to install a new app. However, some people have since discovered that leaving iOS for Android might cause iMessage to continue accepting messages and make it impossible to receive standard SMS (text messages) from other iPhones. That's what blogger Adam Pash discovered when he switched from an iPhone to Android and noticed that he no longer received messages from anyone with an iPhone even though that person received a "read" receipt every time.

This isn't actually a new phenomenon. It's a well-known glitch that has been a problem for many since iMessage was introduced. The problem is that when Apple recognizes two phone numbers are registered to an iPhone and have had an iMessage conversation, all messages are routed through iMessage even if that person no longer uses an iPhone. The only way to prevent this from happening is to shutoff iMessage, but it's a lot harder to deactivate than it is to activate. Some users report they are still unable to get messages event after taking those steps. You can read about Pash's "iMessage purgatory" here, but if the problem persists for you, follow these steps:

Method #1

Go to Settings > Messages > Send and Receive
Tap on your Apple ID and sign-out

It may take 24 hours for the change to be registered, so sign-out of your Apple ID and login again to make sure that the number has been deselected. This method doesn't work for everyone as mentioned before.

Method #2

The more extreme option is to reset your Apple ID password because this will force all connected devices to be unable to use iMessage until you update.

Method #3

If you don't have access to the iPhone because of loss or theft or the problem persists after Method #2, unregister it by following the directions outlined here.

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