In a shocking turn of Earth-shattering events that will shock everyone, the next round of iOS devices will include Touch ID. If you can't tell, I'm joking about the "Earth-shattering" part because everyone all but knew that the next iPhone would have the fingerprint scanning feature. Now report states it's highly likely that the next iPad will as well.

Apple didn't put Touch ID in the iPad mini or iPad Air because it had to prioritize the fingerprint scanning sensors for iPhone 5s needs. With a year under its belt and more experience building for the new technology, there's more wiggle room for Apple to support it on more devices. Rumors from outlets citing supply-line sources in Asia, Apple is going to announce iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 tablets that use Touch ID.

Two different sources claim that this is happening, but anyone with two eyes could probably bet that it would. There's no confirmation yet that the upcoming iPads will have Touch ID, but signs point to that being a likely occurrence.


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