Notification lights are common for letting users know that they have messages that need to be addressed, but those lights are often small and limited. A new Kickstarter campaign for Lunecase shows how an iPhone can be made to show more with a special case.

The Lunecase has already managed to surpass its goal of $50,000 funding with more than a month left in its Kickstarter campaign. People appear to be drawn to the case that uses electro-magnetic waves to power lights in the back of the case that reveal when someone has an incoming phone call or text message. The case lights up based on the type of notification.

Pay attention to the drawbacks of using a Lunecase before you rush to order it. For starters, it's fairly limited in supporting phone calls and SMS and not any other type of notification. Second, it works only on GSM networks, so it will not be compatible with Sprint, Verizon, or any other carrier that employs CDMA technology. Finally, the next iPhone is expected to change the size and shape of the device, so it's best to avoid getting new cases unless you plan to stick with your iPhone 5 or 5s for a while.

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