Shapematic is a mobile application that can turn your mobile iOS device into a 3D scanner by transforming a few photos into a 3D masterpiece. Users can currently find Shapematic in the App store for only $0.99. Its very simple to use and not to mention fun at the same time.  Simply take a few photos of the object at different angles around the object and it will work its magic in producing a 3D reproduction right on your iPhone. It’s really an amazing application to use and is sure to get others curiosity peaked while showing others your 3D photographs.

Using Shapematic is truly a breeze.  We tried Shapematic to get a 3D reconstruction of my truck.  We walked around the truck snapping photos from different angles and within seconds had a 3D reproduction on our iPhone 5S. Although, our first attempt was unsuccessful and left us with a distorted result after trying it the second time it was much better.

The main key to getting good results is taking enough photos at different angles around the object.  We also tried it on a small object which gave even better results.  So through our experiences using Shapematic we found it performed much better on small objects as opposed to large objects such as an automobile or building.

Download Shapematic Here

After the photos have been processed and transformed into a 3D reconstruction users may choose to share them on Facebook, Twitter, email, or export them.  Sharing the photos socially can be accomplished from inside the application by tapping the small curved arrow at the bottom of the screen.

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