So many tweaks are released by members of the iPhone jailbreak community that it can be tough to track. This makes it impossible to try everyone that's released. Fortunately, we have you covered in this area. We spend most of our waking hours trying new tweaks and writing about the best ones, and here's a new video of the Top 20 Free Cydia tweaks released this year.

These are tweaks that have been redesigned for iOS 7 completely making them all great tweaks, so be sure to bookmark the page so you can return after you have tried the first few. You definitely, want to add all 20 of these Free tweaks to the top of your must have list.

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Mitch Stevens

Author of “Learn Jailbreaking Top Tweaks” who enjoys anything tech related.  Visit my personal site iPhonecaptain for daily updates on the latest jailbreak tweaks and top app reviews fore iOS devices.

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