It's obvious that Flappy Little Thing developers have drawn their inspiration from the one-hit wonder, Flappy Bird. It seems as if this game and others closely resembling it are never going to go way. There are hundreds of the simple but tough games in the app store resembling the huge hit; however, most are too silly to even consider themselves an app or one I would spend time playing or downloading for that matter.  Flappy Little Things is different.

Flappy Little Thing is currently available in the iTunes app store for free. Players can enjoy this game without spending one penny, and it doesn’t bombard players with advertisements either.  That was one of the biggest complaints players had while the original Flappy Bird was in the App store was ads. They seem to get in the direct path of the bird while trying to guide it between the tunnels, but that’s not the case here.

The developers of FLT must have been lucky enough to get their application submitted before Apple added several new regulations for getting new applications into the iTunes App store.  Apple began rejecting all games submitted which included the word “Flappy” in the title. I totally agree with Apple's new regulations and why they added them because one developer should not be able to profit from what previous developers have work so hard to accomplish just by adding a similar title or similar game.

Hard Core Flappy Bird Fans May Not Approve

Any chance of getting a huge hit in the app store can almost be as hard as winning the lottery. Either way, this new game Flappy Little Thing has coat-tailed just a bit in my opinion, but at the same time the game is fairly fun to play. Considering its “Flappy Bird” in a different set of clothes, so to speak, gamers will enjoy it.  Many gamers will enjoy playing the new Flappy Little Thing while some may reject it due to resemblance with the original game that's no longer in the App Store.

FLT plays much like the original Flappy Bird. Players who enjoyed the original will almost feel like they are playing the original Flappy Bird. I guess it boils down to at least this app is currently available for download. Give it a try and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Download FLT Here

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