Fresh Deck Poker is a cross platform poker game users can play on Facebook, iOS and Android devices developed by Idle Games. The iOS version has been optimized for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Retina and looks amazing to say the least. Players can begin playing Fresh Deck Poker as guest or by signing in through their Facebook account. Players can pick from many different avatars to customize themselves as they wish. Once players have started accruing chips, they can unlock different avatars they may wish to have.

Fresh Deck Poker offers several different card games inside the application.  Players can play Texas Hold ‘em, Royal Hold em, Hold ‘em,  and a newly added game called Fresh Scratchers. Once players join a game they will be dealt in the next available hand.  players may also chat during the game while playing.  Chatting is a great way to learn different strategies and techniques from others while playing.

If you need help understanding how the different card hands rank, just tap the help button. It includes basic poker rules and all the different types of hands players may use in a game and how they rank.  Need chips?  Spin and win is a great way to start playing without spending your own money.  Players may also earn extra chips by allowing notifications and liking Fresh Deck Poker on Facebook. Although, the best way to earn the most chips is buy inviting other Facebook friends.  Players can earn $50K chips by getting other friends to play.

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