The Gmail app for iOS isn't known for speed. The app previously only fetched new messages when someone opened the app or went straight to a new message from the notification window. Now, Gmail on an iOS 7 device will have true background refreshing by having the latest messages downloaded into the app and viewable the moment someone enters his or her inbox. Gmail users can download the app from the App Store to trigger the update, but they may need to take one extra step to ensure that it works. If you haven't already, ensure that background app refresh is enabled in Settings > General > Background App refresh.

Google has also added simplified sign-in that makes it easier to log into other Google apps on iOS. Once signed in through Gmail, there will be no need to re-enter a password when attempting to use Google Maps, Drive, and Chrome. Don't be surprised if you're asked once to sign-in again to Gmail after updating today, but from here on out, version 3.0 will enable cross-app sign-in.

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