South Korean company, Actoz Soft has just released an exciting new game called "In a Space" for Canadian iOS gamers. This game features top-down exciting game play which many hardcore gamers can easily pick up and plan. Players will be thrust onto planets inhabited with monsters ready to destroy you at moment's notice.

The goal of the game is quite simple. Players must destroy all of the robots on the planet first, then destroy the castle and finally the boss that lives in the castle. This game should be a breeze if you are familiar with top-down shooters as game play is pretty straight forward.

Each stage features alien features which should be a hit with sci-fi fans. Bosses as well are frightening in their own right which makes defeating them quite hectic considering how small your island actually is.

Some unique features of this game is the location based system. Players will start from their current location and will be able to join and create clans with other users. This will help them destroy even stronger enemies throughout the game.

Currently this game is only available in the Canadian app store but is free for those lucky enough to have an account. You can download it here.

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