The lockscreen is one of the first things users and others see.  The lockscreen can show as much about the individual as they wish to express.  Users can mix and match thousands of different ways to have their iOS  device look as simple or complex as they wish.  We have put together a list of what we feel is the Top 10 Lockscreens for jailbroken iPhones.  You can find the list below along with a few other tweaks needed to make them show or not show certain lockscreen items.

Top 10 2014 LockScreens

- ConceptLS iOS 7 ($2.99)

- ConceptLS Lockscreen Pack

- CustomLS

- 20 Second Lockscreen

- Cydget

- GroovyLock

- iOS 7 analogClock Cydget

- iOS 7 Typo5 Cydget

- JellyLock7

- Forecast ($0.99)

Patrick Muff Repo 

Most of the Lockscreens are free but we have included a couple which are paid.  Please take a moment to share this content socially and subscribe to our Youtube channel.  We hope you enjoy the lockscreens listed.

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