We've all seen videos shot by someone holding a smartphone in portrait mode, leading to a small section of action in the middle and large portions of nothing happening on the sides. A new app for the iPhone called Horizon fixes that problem by filming in the wide angle no matter how someone holds the phone. If the device is held in portrait, Horizon focuses in on an area that would be seen had the phone been in landscape, the way you're supposed to record video. In the event that someone actually realizes the mistake and switches to landscape, Horizon steadies the transition and keeps the video looking good. Check out this demo video below.

The problem with Horizon is that it will not prevent the problem of portrait videos because most iPhone owners will continue using the default camera app which does not offer this flexibility. However, if you have a tendency to record in portrait and could use the helpful reminder to flip the phone sideways, Horizon is available in the app store for iPhone 4s and iPad 3 or later devices. The app costs $0.99 as its introductory price but will go up to $1.99 once the sale ends.

Download Horizon for iOS

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