The ritual of pulling out a smartphone and wiping the screen with a shirt or microfiber will be made redundant with the release of Nuevue, an iPhone case that wipes the screen for you. Inside each Nuevue case is a microfiber material that is designed to remove smudges, dust, and fingerprints in one fell swoop. When the user press down slightly on the case's exterior and then slides the phone out, the inner lining wipes the screen and makes it more presentable. Take a look at how it operates in the video below.

Nuevue works well for users who are willing to carry their phone in a pouch. The exterior material - typically cotton, leather, or canvas - feels great and can be nondescript or flashy. Similar cases are also available for the iPad and iPad Mini, a use case that I personally find more valuable because my iPad regularly requires wiping the screen and is used less frequently, so it's much nicer to be able to have a cleaning solution and protective case in one.

Nuevue is just launching its product but users can find more information at the Nuevue website.

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