When a company backed by TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest announced Typo, a clip-on QWERTY keyboard for the iPhone 5 and 5s devices, it was obvious where the inspiration for the Bluetooth accessory came from. The raised keys had an obvious resemblance to BlackBerry keyboards, and the resemblance has become so noticeable that BlackBerry has filed suit against the company.

According to a complaint filed by BlackBerry in the Northern District of California, Typo infringes on is patents and "blatantly copied BlackBerry's keyboard" in order to develop its product. The lawsuit may have affect the planned release of Typo, which was schedule to begin accepting pre-orders this month and offer members of the press their first glimpse of the slip-on keyboard.

Here's another look at the Typo. Does BlackBerry have a point about this being an obvious copy job of its keyboards?


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