There's a new Kickstarter project with a rather odd goal. Instead of going the Pebble route and asking people to support a watch that can connect to a smartphone, it wants to turn the phone into a smartwatch. Take a closer look at Smartlet, a wrist accessory that holds the iPhone in place so it can remove the smart watch middle man.

My gut reaction is to say that this is the dumbest thing I've seen all year. It's bulky, looks silly, and will probably be very impractical in daily life. However, for people who already use their iPhone with an armband or don't need mobility, maybe it's not so crazy? The Smartlet Kickstarter project has 20 days to go and it still needs to raise $25,000 to be successful. Backers who pledge $29 or $39 can be first in line to receive the product when it is released in May.


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