It's widely expected that Apple will introduce a larger model iPhone next year. The iPhone 5 increased the screen size to 4 inches, and the iPhone 6 is believed to raise that a few fractions higher. The latest rumor is that in addition to a bigger iPhone, we'll also get a bigger iPad in 2014.

A new rumor courtesy of Digitimes, a publication with a very spotty and often wrong record for Apple predictions, says that Apple may have a 12.9-inch tablet released in October. The only reason to pay attention to this rumor is that it's not the first time we've heard it. The more reliable Wall Street Journal said Apple is testing bigger iPads earlier this year, so the story's a little more believable.

Digitimes says its sources in Apple's supply chain say that Apple may release a 12.9-inch ot 13.3-inch tablet, though the 12.9-inch model is more likely. The tablet would likely square off with Samsung's expected jump into the 12-inch tablet market, and deliver the biggest canvas yet for iPad users to watch videos, draw, write, and read. It would be a media powerhouse and probably have the kind of third party accessories to make the supersized iPad a better Macbook alternative than the iPad has been in the past.


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