Mini Showdown is a Free new FPS iOS game developed by Zhao Zhiyuan that has a welcome twist to the first-person shooter (FPS) games. It adds a realistic feel to shooting guns in the game, so players will enjoy moving their device to line up the shot. Mini Showdown not only adds this great new way of shooting but a nice Wild West theme to go along with it.

Players must challenge the different contenders they have to choose from before the game begins. Each round usually lasts a minute or much less and rewards players for precision shooting.  Developers have included an in depth tutorial which walks the players through how to play the game; that's definitely a needed feature for these type games.

Mini Showdown does a great job keeping players attention and waiting more throughout the game.  Player can choose from different guns to use during the match and get upgrades as they progress. Although the new way of shooting adds a better feel to playing ten game, it can sometimes be uneven and hard to line up during match ups.  The matches aren’t matched up evenly either, meaning your opponent may take you out in two seconds if he or she is a more experienced player. You can challenge other opponents or your friends by scanning a QR code to help get a more personal matchup. Although this game isn’t perfect, I am certain these developers have opened a new door for FPS games. I can only hope that updates will correct this matter and continue to progress in the right direction.

Grab Mini Showdown today and let us know what you think. Mini Showdown requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad. 

Download Here

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