Apple iPhone users, like most modern smartphone buyers, have become comfortable enough with the advancements of touchscreen technology that typing on physical keys is no longer a necessity. For the people who still prefer the feedback of touching an actual button rather than a virtual one, the Typo keyboard case helps iPhone 5 or 5s owners have the best of both worlds.

Typo slides over an iPhone 5 or 5s to turn the phone into one that has a portrait QWERTY keyboard. The keys look as though someone designed a BlackBerry keyboard to fit an iPhone, and the raised keys are probably made that way intentionally as Typo surely wants BlackBerry fans to see this as a way to get a better operating system without giving up their beloved keyboard. It connects via Bluetooth and has backlit keys to help make the keyboard more usable.

The Typo case will go on sale next year, but pre-orders for the $99 keyboard accessory are being taken now at its website. Anyone interested in this or is typing on a virtual keyboard already good enough?


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