Charging an iPhone can be a challenge for someone hoping to keep their counters free of cable clutter, especially if that person lives in a home with multiple iPhones. A new charging dock aims to solve that minor problem by hiding a charging station in plain sight. The Kickstarter project Foaster is a dock that looks like a toaster but works to recharge a phone, hence the name. Watch this demo video to see how it works.

Foaster is one of those products that tries to solve a problem that barely exists. It might create new ones for people lacking counter space, and few people need to charge in the kitchen that often. The project seems to make sense for that small group of people who do charge their phone while cooking and don't need to easily access it. Having a toaster-like dock will make the product blend in unnoticed until an iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, or iPhone 5 is plugged into the dock.

Get more information on the Kickstarter project here. As of now, Foaster costs $79 to $89.

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