DragonSlayers is an incredibly detailed, three dimensional action RPG adventure newly launched in the iTunes App Store.  Players choose one of two character classes for their player character and then set out on an epic fantasy adventure that rivals PC gaming in graphics, scope, and story development.

DragonSlayers features a flying camera POV of a remarkably designed and detailed 3D world.  Everything from the player character to the textures of the objects they interact with has been beautifully designed and animated.  As with all mobile action RPG games, the user interface for DragonSlayers has had a number of challenges to overcome.  Players move the character by way of a virtual joystick type control located in the lower left portion of the screen, while managing attacks and other actions with controls on the lower right portion of the screen.  For the most part this controls system is intuitive, with the exception of one small (but rather annoying) hiccup earlier on.  The general action button, used for interacting with NPCs, displays a weapon.  It’s also used for attacks, which makes sense, but it took this reviewer a few frustrating minutes to figure out how to talk to quest-givers.

Quests are numerous and interesting, and they’re customized to the player’s choice of class, so choosing whether to play the female mage or the male warrior feels like a meaningful choice.  Which is as it should be in an RPG.  The opening quests serve as a sort of tutorial, explaining how to enchant weapons, apply skill points, and other action RPG basics.  These kinds of built-in tutorials are far preferable than having to muddle through the UI or refer to an out-of-game instruction manual: DragonSlayers does a good job here.

The game seems absolutely massive, missing out on, as far as I can tell, none of the basic things you’d expect to have in a PC action RPG title. There’s a detailed skills system which seems to let you apply your points in a very customizable way. You can also choose your character’s build by leveling their different attributes as you choose.  Weapons and armor are equipped as you’d expect, and there are plenty of booster items for health, attack power, and so on. All in all, anyone who’s an action RPG fan is going to find DragonSlayers is worth a look. There are a couple of points to criticize, however. First, this is a pay to play model, and the more critical gamer is going to say it’s a play to win game. There are some pretty important upgrades obtainable in the in-game store. The second is that the game’s massive world contributes to its massive file size.  It runs slow on some devices, and it’s practically always downloading something.

One thing that no one can criticize is how this game looks and sounds. It’s not just that the graphics are technically good, they’re also made gorgeous by impressive art direction. Character design is exceptional. The soundtrack is appropriately haunting and epic by turns.  The text could use some work—I sense English isn’t DragonSlayers first language—but gamers have long overlooked this sort of thing to play great games from around the world.

DragonSlayers is available now in the iTunes App Store, and it’s $3.99. It’s a good story, with beautiful graphics, and hardcore RPG lovers as well as more casual players are likely to enjoy the game play.  Check it out and see for yourself if it deserves a spot in your game library.

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