People often buy Wi-Fi tablets and connect to the internet by turning their smartphones into mobile hotspots when a Wi-Fi network isn’t nearby. Apple iPad Air owners willing to do the opposite and use their iPad to act as a mobile hotspot will get a much better return when it comes to battery life.

A test of the new iPad Air LTE finds that the iOS tablet is capable of sharing its internet connection with another device for an entire day. AnandTech connected an iPad Air to a MacBook Pro and set the computer to continuously download 100KB of data per second to see how long it would take for the iPad battery, with the screen off, to run out of power. The test found that the device lasted a whopping 24.08 hours and was able to transfer more than 8GB of data in that period.

As someone who has often relied on smartphones to tether and watched in horror as the battery dripped at a fast pace, it’s encouraging to see a tablet last that long. It’s rare that someone has a mobile plan that supports large amounts of data, but for people with unlimited data who need to create a mobile hotspot on occasion, the iPad Air will at least eliminate the anxiety related to watching battery life fade away while using the tablet’s data sharing feature.


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