If you have an iPhone, you’re never without the information that you need to get through your day. You might use it to check the weather before you head out the door and whatever admin you have to do, it’s likely that you can pretty much run your life via your iPhone.

With so many apps for the necessities in life like banking and paying bills, it makes sense that you can also take care of non-necessary purchases and more frivolous items this way too. One such example is buying tickets for the lottery. There’s no longer the need to stand in tedious queues down at the local corner shop; you can buy lotto tickets online at a number of different websites, and there are lottery apps for the phone too. When you buy your lotto tickets this way, there’s no danger of losing that little bit of paper and not knowing whether you had the winning numbers or not. You can also check the results at any time by going online and putting in the date of the draw you had a ticket for.

You don't even need to be resident in the same country as the lotto draw you wish to enter. Many lotto sites offer their users the possibility of buying tickets for different draws around the world. So now, even if you live in the UK, there’s nothing to stop you placing a bet on America's favourite lotto draws Powerball or MegaMillions through sites such as lottoland.co.uk. The site also enables you to buy tickets for Euromillions and EuroJackpot, the latest big European lottery to be launched. At the same site, you can also buy tickets for one of the world’s oldest lotteries – the annual Spanish Christmas Lottery Draw.

To make purchasing tickets and checking results on this selection of mega jackpot international lottery draws even easier, Lottoland is launching an app before the end of this year for the iPhone. This way of buying lotto tickets is so much easier than going to buy a ticket in the local newsagents and the fact that you can enter different draws around the world makes entering the lottery even more exciting!

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