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If iTunes apps were all shaped like blocks and Apple kept all of those blocks in one room it would be a giant room filled from floor to ceiling with blocks. If someone were to hand you a rubber ball and told you to throw it only at the game apps that were of the "Tower Defense" genre, I am of the opinion that you would have an easy time hitting many of those blocks because there are A LOT of tower defense games in the App Store. So many tower defense apps that just the sight of one causes some people to roll their eyes and yawn because it's usually more of a "been there, played that" kind of mentality when it comes to tower defense games. So it's takes something special to catch someone's attention with a tower defense game these days. Toy Defense does just that! In fact it does that and it gives users more game than they can handle.

Check out the video where I show you some game play and more exciting game action.

Toy Defense has 85 levels, 9 different types of enemies, 4 different types of towers, strategies, repairmen, resurrection, and it has Toy Army Men too! Okay the last part is just me being silly because toy army men take me right back to my childhood and that makes for a fun time any day of the week. I played this game and from the first few minutes I was hooked. The action is fast and furious and the strategically planned out game levels make the game challenging and keep users on their toes.

Toy Defense is a tower defense game players dream and it's definitely going on my preferred game play list from this point forward. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in having fun and playing a tower defense type game.

Toy Defense App Store link | Price:$0.99

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