We have seen lots of iPhone concepts and designers have been coming up with more creative ideas and innovative designs but most of which hasn't and cant be implemented yet.

iPhone 5s is expected to be released in early 2013 with a much improved specifications , battery life and maybe in new colors . According to FranSnk3d's iPhone 5s concept, it will have the ability to project a virtual keyboard along with MAC OS X display onto a flat surface. This new iPhone concept is extraordinary but its no easy to implement it and possibly this technology wont be available in iPhone 5s.

FranSnk3d is the same genius who created the magic mouse iPhone concept back in June. Unfortunately, I dont think we'll see this technology implemented for the next few years but its no bad to check out his concept video below:

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Alihassan Mahdi

Alihassan Mahdi is a passionate technology writer . He is a die-hard Gamer and iOS fan . And at the same time , an Undergraduate of BCom Management .

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