Google Maps was released a few days back and it already topped in the App Store within a few hours. Although it runs on iPad finely, it was made specifically for iPhone and iPod users. Google Maps had to be zoomed 2x on iPad but with the well known Cydia tweak, FullForce, it no longer needs to be distorted on iPad.

FullForce is a free jailbreak tweak, developed by Petrich which allows users to run iPhone apps in full-screen mode on their jailbroken iPad. It prevents the 2x zoom by scaling Google Maps to fit normally on iPad screen without distortion and it works flawlessly leaving out some of its features which were designed for iPhone such as the sidebar icons.

Here's a screenshot of Google Maps running with FullForce tweak:

Hopefully Google will soon release an iPad version of Google Maps but until then this tweak can perfectly take the place. You can download FullForce from BigBoss repo for free.

So how's it running on your iPad? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.

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