Apple has been best known for providing high quality products but with the release of its new firmware, it failed to prove itself. You must be aware of all the glitches which has been popping up on the iPhone 5 but yesterday, another glitch was discovered by UK games developer CMA MegaCorps.

They tweeted that they had discovered a new issue with the iPhone 5 touchscreen. The glitch occurs when diagonally scrolling which causes the touchscreen to dropout or freeze. A tweet from MegaCorps:

"iPhone 5 touch screen bug? Slide finger back and forth diagonally on screen, input events drop out or stop altogether."

This issue was later tested by recombu to check if the glitch occured on the other iphone 5 devices also.

To put the possible issue to the test we lined up all the iPhones we had in our office: two iPhone 4S’s one running iOS 6.0 and one running iOS 6.0.1, alongside two iPhone 5’s, again one running iOS 6 and the other 6.0.1. Using the Mail app to clearly demonstrate the quick scrolling action, we dragged our finger back and forth diagonally from bottom right to top left on each phone’s display. Sure enough, whilst both iPhone 4S’s handled the fast paced scrolling to aplomb, one iPhone 5 struggled to hold its concentration, dropping and picking back up touch input whilst the other stopped registering input altogether.

We’re unsure whether this is a result of iOS issues unique to the iPhone 5 or it's something inherent in the touch-based layer of the iPhone's display, but it’s certainly there. In daily use, this action might not seem like such a problem, but the issue was spotted by a games developer and mobile games are no strangers to quick swipes and touch input. The popular mobile game Fruit Ninja features instances with quick successive swipes and for users to lose out on a high score due to software or hardware instabilities wouldn't reflect badly on the developers or Apple.

We've approached Apple to see if they have a statement on the possible source of this issue and whether or not it has a quick fix.

This glitch can be a problem with some games which requires quick swiping such as fruit ninja. If this issue is related with the software, Apple can likely fix it with an iOS update. If this issue is from the hardware side, Apple will be facing some serious difficulties.

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