Math has the tendency to give many students both young and old anxiety. Being a teacher for almost twenty years, I can say first hand, I saw this on a daily basis. Students would walk into my classroom fearing to fail from the beginning. The first step in teaching students Math is helping them overcome this anxiety which so many students seem to have. Why students feel this way, I don't know.

However, through the use of manipulative and the hands-on approach teachers can help build the confidence students need to be successful in any subject including Mathematics. It's a great feeling to see the light bulb pop on above any students head. Thats what teaching is all about, sharing our knowledge with others, the students.

What better way to convey knowledge than through the hands-on approach with an electronic manipulative such as an iPad. The world has totally evolved into things consisting electronics. Therefore teachers need to jump aboard this electronic train so to speak. The iPad  can be one of the best tools in any classroom for teaching across the curriculum.  Schools who have the funds to purchase these type of tools will definitely sees higher scores from students. This is the new way of teaching in the 21st century.

The Fun way To Learn Algebra- Free-Hands-on Equations app is a great tool for learning algebra through the hands-on approach. This iPad application shows each step visually and helps all learners understand how Algebra works. I highly recommend trying The Fun Way To Learn Algebra Hands-on Equations app for any student who needs help or just wanting to improve their Algebra skills overall. Hands-On Equations app can be used by students as early as the third grade through adults. They offer level one for Free while the paid version has a more in depth experience with Algebraic expressions.  It's a very powerful tool to say the least. Give it a try and come thank me later. What have you got to lose its free. The worse thing you can do is improve your child's understanding and build their confidence for mathematics. Who doesn't want to do that.

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