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Do you want to get the most performance from your idevice?  Jailbreaking will definitely add more features and customizations to your idevice. Although, some users think jailbreaking can damage your idevice to the point of no return this is definitely not TRUE. Jailbreaking has been 100% legal since 2010.

Jailbreaking will allow you to customize the idevices appearance by adding WinterBoard Themes or Dreamboard. These are only a couple of the topics covered in depth inside,  “Learn Jailbreaking and Top Tweaks” Ebook. This Ebook tells all the secrets and simple techniques of jailbreaking.  It also tells the Top Tweaks to install after the jailbreak. This is just as important as knowing how to jailbreak.

Learn Jailbreaking and Top Tweaks” ebook has over fifty videos which show all the latest techniques and secrets of jailbreaking and the top Cydia tweaks. Learn which tools are needed(RedSnow, GreenPoison, etc..) to perform a jailbreak on your device now. So join the jailbreak community today and feel comfortable as you learn all the top tweaks and secrets of jailbreaking. Feel free to leave any comments below.

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Mitch Stevens

Author of “Learn Jailbreaking Top Tweaks” who enjoys anything tech related.  Visit my personal site iPhonecaptain for daily updates on the latest jailbreak tweaks and top app reviews fore iOS devices.

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