Are you a tower defense game lover? If so you want to check out Kill Devils by Sun Ground Co available in the App Store.


This is one of the most action packed defense games of its kind available on iOS devices. The most awesome part of Devil Kills is its price, Free. You read that correctly. It is possible to get an awesome game on iOS free. Novice or first time players will be happy to find the complete guide and tutorial for playing Kill Devils inside the app.  This is an awesome feature many well known developers overlook. Developer’s should understand many players may not understand every aspect of the application and they didn’t develop the games, so players need to know how to play and understand each objective for the game.  Sun Ground Co. has definitely hit a home run with Kill Devils on all fronts.

The game offers players sixty different stages of action packed villain mobbing scenes. You better have your fingers limbered up for the massive number of villains you will need to defend during gameplay. Villains will be coming by the dozens from all directions and when you think it’s over, its just beginning. That's what makes playing Kill Devils so awesome and different from all its competitors. The suspense of not knowing what will come next and the intensity of the game stages throughout the game make it one of my favorites.

Kill Devils is set in the mythical kingdom of Ashan. Players must defend a magical tower by fighting off the massive herds of villains which are trying to invade the tower. Each wave of villains gets a little harder to defend and the villains are more determined to break down the tower walls.  While defending the magical tower players can shoot villains to earn coins for each kill. The player must tap each villain in order to kill them. This is probably how the game got its name, Kill Devils.

One objective of the game players need to know is each villain must be shot at least two or three times before reaching the magical tower wall in order to kill them and earn the needed coins for advancement. The coins help players advance through the game and purchase needed equipment from the Kill Devils store. The players may choose to upgrade the strength of the tower walls inside the Kill Devils store. Coin and Diamond prices range from $1.99 to $14.99. These items can be used to advance much faster through the game. The better players perform and the more villains they defend off throughout each wave, the more coins and mana crystals they will earn for each level.

Kill Devils offers many hours of continuous fun for all. If you enjoy playing defense tower type games this is one of the best I have played. It resembles a few other games I have played but offers enough originality to earn a place on my devices screen. Click here to download for free today.Feel free to leave a comment below.

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