Social network games have come a long way as their popularity has exploded, and Keri Racing does its best to harness everything that makes these games so addictive. It goes a few steps beyond that, working to alleviate the burnout that seems inherent to these games. To manage that, Keri Racing combines several different genres, throws in a dash of action, and wraps the whole package with polish.

The biggest thing SNGs have going for them is their addictive appeal, while their biggest issue is grinding repetition. Keri Racing sets out to combine the addictive features of farming, tycoon, and pet-raising games while providing enough action and variety that users can simply adjust their style of play rather than grow tired of the game. It’s a formula that can only work if the game itself is a cohesive whole, and Keri Racing pulls it off.  The games various play modes all revolve around the concept of racing exotic, long-legged brightly colored birds (think ostriches with more flair).  The game’s goals and economy are built around creating an environment in which the player can successfully feed, train, and race their keris. What makes this different from other pet-raising games is the amount of attention paid to the details of each stage, giving the game depth to complement the breadth of its goals.

One area in which Keri Racing has more or less kept the status quo is controls. Menus, icons, and tapping are about all that needs to be mastered, even given the game’s action racing portions. There, it’s more about real-time resource management, as using the whip ability to motivate tiring keris to put forth a burst of speed requires managing its cooldown time.

The game’s sheer size and variety are its strongest assets; one’s keri empire can grow in a number of different ways, depending on the player’s preferences. With a dozen different crops to grow (each with their own unique attributes and timing) and even more buildings to add as moneymakers, these aspects are a game in and of themselves. Acquiring keri nests and raising the cheerful, colorful birds has enough options to flesh out another game. Add in keri stables (to shelter multiple keris) and racing competitions (including real-time racing against friends!), and players find a whole new realm of possibility. That’s hardly all the game offers, however.

Three different racing modes, an item shop packed with equipment to boost stats and beautify racers, quests, and mini-games aplenty round out this gameplay powerhouse. Taking advantage of the games social networking capabilities is simple, with Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as the option to reach out through one’s contact list or by email. Players can lend one another a hand, or compete, or both—and multi-platform availability maximizes the number of friends who can join in.

Game content and game mechanics are further enhanced by well-executed game aesthetics. Bright, smooth animation, plenty of detail, and character design with personality to spare add charm to Keri Racing.

Players can find Keri Racing now in the iTunes App Store, and it’s completely free to download!

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