Cartoon Defense Space has an old school style to the graphics. The graphics are very cartoony, bright, and vibrant colors which pop off the screen. The audio has a pretty nice beat to it for game play for the most part. It’s also integrated with Game Center for playing against others online. This will allow you to show your scores to all your social media friends or play off line whichever you choose.


You must protect the universe you live on called Cartoon. Cartoon Defense: Space Wars is a tower defense and strategy game which offers mediocre game play. I was very distracted by the pop ups asking to upgrade throughout the game. It seemed at every screen transition there was an offer to upgrade or screen to click through. The developers should have spent a bit more time trying to addict the players throughout the game instead of sticking those upgrade pop ups at every corner.

The goal is to defend your planet called cartoon. Whoever heard of a planet with such a name. The characters names are hard to follow as well. The controls are extremely confusing with too many instructions to follow. We need it simply and to the point. The description of the gameplay was as follows:

Once upon a time, somewhere in the deep universe, there was a beautiful and peaceful planet named “Cartoon”, and there lived a peace-loving tribe, called“White”. One day, the “Gray” tribe which was one of the most notorious and vicious tribes in the universe, started to intimidate the “White” and forced them to hand over their planet “Cartoon”, saying that they will be brutally retaliated if they refused to. The “White”, who was the governor of planet cartoon, warned them to leave right away. However, the notorious “Gray” started to attack the planet “Cartoon”. Therefore, “The White” declared war against the “Gray” to restore justice and the peace of the universe.

However you look at it these type games are just over done. It seems one out of every three games in the app store are of this type. I am referring to the tower defense with an option to upgrade. It seems developers have all gone to these freemium type games instead of the free version with an upgrade which users go looking to purchase. Many game developers concentrate entirely on trying to force the upgrade or trick the player into buying it accidentally or through frustrations. I have been guilty of  upgrading myself out of sheer frustration or just being sick of ask to upgrade or clicking the “x” to get past the upgrade screen. Can you relate to what I am talking about? Check out Cartoon Defense Space wars Today here. Who said we all had to enjoy the same things all the time.

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