Wicked audio have been making some very nice quality audio gear for a while now. However, they haven't tried to compete with a DJ style headset until now. Wicked Audio have officially thrown their hat in the ring by making the Solus Audio Revolt.

These are one bad ass looking set of headphones. They come in a red/block combo in a hardshell box which will offer great protection for storage when they aren’t being used for long periods of time.

The Wicked Solus Audio revolt headphones offer superb sound quality with a comfortable foamed head band and ear muffs. The chord is made of a rope-like substance which will eliminate any tangling or knots when transporting. They come with a storage bag for transporting and protecting the headphones from dirt and debris. These headphones would work great in a DJ type setting or studio. They include a full size audio jack for plugging into a mixing board or any other type of audio equipment. The tangle-free chord includes a DJ switch for controlling volume and a mono/stereo button as well.

The Wicked Solus Audio revolt are rocking a massive 40 mm driver in each ear foir thunder pounding bass and volume. The sound quality of the Wicked Solus are second to none. They can be purchased directly at www.wickedaudio.com for $99 retail.  However, when I searched Amazon I found the same headset sold by Wicked for only $48 plus shipping. That's a huge price difference but I think you can make that decision alone. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.

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