Need more iPhone 4/4S battery life? Would you like to feel confident you have enough battery life for you next adventure? Sometimes we aren’t close enough to an electrical outlet or have a way of charging our iPhone. The iPhone 4/4S can be a real battery drainer depending on which type of activity you are using it for throughout the day. The standby time for the iphone 4/4S is great but if you are a hard core gamer, take lots of video, or use it to surf the web, the battery life will be depleted very fast.

The Third Rail™ System includes the Slim Case for iPhone 4/4S with a an extremely lightweight slide-on "Smart Battery" for charging. The "Smart Battery" can be taken on/off in an matter of seconds allowing the user to carry and use the "Smart Battery" only when needed. The "Smart battery" power flow can be controlled via a switch on the case. The user controls when the iPhone chargers and how much at their discretion. Each iPhone user has different needs daily for the amount of power we need for our iPhone 4/4S.  One of best features of the ThirdRail system is being able to charge other devices as well if needed.

The Slim Case is a sleek, everyday protective case with a high quality, soft-touch feel. The Smart Battery can also function as a standalone backup battery to power other devices via USB Adapter (included).  ThirdRail guarantees future cases to be interchangeable with the "Smart Battery." This is great to know considering the new iPhone 5 is set for release sometime this fall. The only additional part users will need to purchase is the new slim case for the iPhone 5 to continue using the system they currently have.


Slim Case for iPhone 4/4S with Removable Smart Battery

  • Ultimate 3 in 1 Solution - sleek protective case always, power case when needed, universal backup battery for your other devices
  • Travel Lightly - Unlike traditional bulky power cases, add battery only when you need it and remove it when you don’t
  • Universal Charger - Use Smart Battery to power 100s of other devices
  • Thinnest battery enabled case on the market
  • Road Warrior? - Have multiple batteries on hand (sold separately) and swap them out for longer periods away from outlets

The ThirdRail Slim Case system can be purchased at for $89.99.  An additional Smart Battery can be purchased seperately for $59.99 should you need more power than the one Smart Battery included. Feel free to leave comments or questions below.

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