SudokuPDQ™ is the ultimate multi-player game for enjoyment with friends or alone. The great part about SudokuPDQ is interacting with other players while you play. Learn or try to read what the opponent is thinking through their game play on the screen. They've taken sudoku, the game enjoyed by millions, added speed, high-stakes, and awesomely competitive. Race to beat other players time to win virtual money. Three awesome qualities about this game are it’s fun, fast, and free.

The first thing you must do is create an account for playing multi-player mode. The multi-player mode operates much like poker were you you pay a set amount for a buy-in. After the buy in, you must wait for others to join to get the game started. The game offers strategy guides for helping learn the game and better understanding. It shows a final scoreboard which contains each players name and score for each round with total points.

SudokuPDQ offers multiplayer gaming and practice to improve your game before taking on the world. The practice mode offers great practice while performing to beat the clock. Just as you will be playing once you take your game online or with friends.

So whether you are a veteran sudoku player or just beginning SudokuPDQ has the options for all levels. Develop your skills from a beginner or hone the skills you currently have. Either way SudokuPDQ will have you competing in a short time for world titles.

In SudokuPDQ™ you’ll have to be "Pretty Darn Quick" as you try to correctly solve one square in the familiar 9x9 Sudoku grid. Each game consists of five 20-second rounds containing five new puzzles bringing Sudoku enthusiasts worldwide together to compete against each other 20 seconds at a time. SudokuPDQ will never be the same game played twice. SudokuPDQ™ never gets easier just better.

Want to hone your skills before you take on all comers? We've got that covered in our Practice mode, where your only competition is the clock.

Game Features:

  • Five rounds with five brand new puzzles every game
  • Compete with other players worldwide in Multi-Player mode
  • Play alone against the clock in Practice mode
  • Virtual betting
  • Track your stats

SudokuPDQ has many of the same features as poker. So if you enjoy playing games such as poker chances are SudokuPDQ will be a favorite. Download SudokuPDQ now free here. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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