The Ballistic SG iPhone case offers great protection for any occasion. It's not bulky or heavy and makes holding the iphone much easier to grip while using.

The Ballistic SG offers great protection against drop age with the extended bumper corners. The bumpers provide great protection for keeping the iphone from hitting the ground if dropped. The Ballistic SG provides layers of protection and help protect the iPhone on every angle and comes in several different color combinations.

The BSG is made from a soft gel which offers great protection with a slim form factor that makes getting the iphone in/out of the pocket much easier. The bumpers are extended which helps absorb most of the shock in the event the iphone is dropped. The Outer layer of the case is made of soft Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for shock absorption too. This case would rank in the top five of all the cases I have reviewed for protection against a drop.


Ballistic: Ballistic SG

Durable case for your iPhone 4 provides maximum protection and optimal pocket-ability

  • Ballistic SG (Shell Gel) case offers ultimate durability in a slim form factor
  • Outermost layer is made of soft Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) for shock absorption
  • Middle layer is made of tough impact resistant polycarbonate to provide a formidable defense against everyday damage
  • Inner-most layer is made of soft silicone, with strong Ballistic Corners™ to absorb the shock of any drop
  • Available in several color combinations: black/black and black/red black/pink black/purple and more

Overall, if you are thinking of the best protection, the Ballistic SG can compete with any of them. The extended bumpers are what makes this case so unique. They offer several color combinations so choosing a color shouldn't be a problem. Purchase your ballistic SG today at goballisticcase for $34.99. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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