Ravensburger Digital GmbH released the popular Scotland Yard game based on the popular award-winning board game Scotland Yard ("Game of the Year" 1983).

The point of this game is to take either the role of one of five Scotland Yard detectives or the tricky legendary Mister X. The detectives have to join forces to travel all across London with limited number of transportation (taxi, bus, and underground tickets) in order to catch Mister X by landing on his spot, or by surrounding him so that he cannot flee. While Mister X tries either to remain loose at the end of 22 game moves, or until the detectives are run out of the means of transportation (taxi, bus, and underground tickets).

This iOS adaptation incorporates the new night London setting with razor-sharp HD graphics (including iPad 3 retina display), single player mode (with other roles played by AIs) and multiple players mode up to 6 players (with pass-and-play on single device or using local Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/online Game Center across multiple devices). This universal game app is currently on special launch sale at $4.99 on iTunes US or £2.99 on iTunes UK with 4.5/5 stars rating and 65.3 MB in size (not a bad size  for great graphics).

Overall this is a great game for board game lovers, the downsides of this games are the price (although in sale state) is a quite hefty and the AIs are not as cunning as human players.

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