Maybe you have not quite got the hang of Siri, maybe the communications between the two of you could be better, maybe you are stumped at what to ask Siri, or maybe you are just a noobie who wants to learn all the basic commands to get the best out of your iPhone 4S Personal Assistant. If you put a tick next to any of the above then Siri FOR DUMMIES is the book for you.

Available on in both paperback and kindle versions, Siri FOR DUMMIES reveals all Siri's hidden secrets.

Extract from the books back cover:

What could be cooler than asking your iPhone® 4S questions and having it reply? This handy little book tells you all about using Siri, so you can get the most from your voice-activated personal assistant. Let Siri read you your messages, locate facts for you, direct you to the nearest sushi bar, and so much more!

  • Get organized — have Siri keep your calendar, remind you of appointments, and check your messages
  • You are here — let Siri give you directions, show you your destination, and provide the weather report
  • Let's play — see how Siri can find and play your favorite tunes and help you post to Facebook and Twitter
  • iPad can hear you — use your voice to write an e-mail, create a text, add a note, and more with iPad's new Voice Dictation feature

Open the book and find:

  • Tips for talking to your device for the best results
  • Advice on making Reminders more effective
  • Easy ways to locate a note
  • How Siri makes e-mailing and texting faster
  • Ways Siri can help you manage your time
  • How to make Siri your DJ

Fun things to ask Siri

Written by Marc Saltzman you will probably find Siri FOR DUMMIES on a shelf next to the excellent  iPhone 4S FOR DUMMIES by Edward C. Baig.

On sale now $7.99 paperback or $5.99 for the Kindle (read on the Kindle App for iOS devices)


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I love to cook and you will always find me in the kitchen. I’m also passionate about most things "Apple", so when I’m not cooking or eating I am engrossed in the iWorld culture. I currently reside in the beautiful Mediterranean City of Tel Aviv, I’m happily married to Annie with our first child due later this year. Come and join the conversation in the forum.

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