The BWeasel iPad stand is an iPad stand for users who want to keep the sleek design visible. The Bweasel is designed to slide over the iPad snuggly. It can be used in both landscape or portrait position. As well as many different viewing angles for for all different types of activities.

The Bweasel offers a stand for the iPad 2 and new iPad as well as the first generation. The only adjustable parts on the stand are the "tension ears" or tighteners for the kickstand. This is one of the simplest stands I have used for the iPad. I was a bit nervous sliding the stand over my iPad but the stand is covered well with a protective rubberized coating which does not scratch the ipad in any way. I do recommend reading the directions for sliding the stand over the iPad the correct direction. (This is not an issue with the iPad 2s as the switches are on the curved edge or the iPad and do not contact the BWEASEL stand)

The Bweasel is light weight for easy travel. It also doubles as a way to carry your iPad, resting the kickstand over your arm. The Bweasel can not be used with other cases. Due to the snug fit there’s no way any case would fit. But as simple as the Bweasel comes on and off this really isn’t a problem. The user could easily slide the ipad into a sleeve with the Bweasel attached. So if you prefer the sleeve or Tote style iPad protection you are in luck.
The Bweasel can be purchased at for $19.95. That's the most inexpensive stand I remember seeing available for the iPad. This is a great stand to get the iPad into positions needed for watching movies, office work, and more. The iPads are gaining each day on replacing the laptop so I think many users will start using these type stands more often.

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