Lukas Mathis, a UI designer has put the new iPad's Retina Display under the microscope. He compared it with the iPhone 4S,  iPad  2 and the first generation iPod Touch screen.

In his blog post he said:

It’s easy to conceptually understand the idea of quadrupling the pixel count, but once you actually see what this means, it’s frankly pretty astonishing. The iPad 2’s pixels look gargantuan next to the diminutive pixels from the third-gen iPad.

By the way, Apple’s PR makes it sound like there’s almost no space between individual pixels. While there’s much less space than on the old iPad, rows of pixels are still placed quite a bit apart from each other.

Visit Lukas Mathis website to see how other tablets, phones and gaming devices screens look under the microscope: BlackBerry PlayBook, Kindle Fire, HP Veer, Google Nexus One, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, PlayStation Vita, Xperia Play.

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