I was really excited for the opportunity to review Eyn's Eponymous case. This case initially caught my eye due to the flip top, the idea for this "Wallet case" was great, unfortunately the execution could use a little tweaking.

The bottom slider (where you insert your phone) is ridiculously hard to remove and I found myself shoving a fingernail in trying to wedge it open. I felt the cut-outs for the iPhone's buttons protruded to far to access them with ease. I did however, like the wristlet but wish it had the ability to adjust, after all, whats the use for a wristlest if it can slip right off.

The money clip on the inside of the case was glued with a rather cheap compound and after two days of use and  placing just two credit cards and a receipt inside, the clip broke off . I suppose it would not be a big deal to super glue it back in, but for 30 bucks, Come on!

To be fair, the case does feel good to the touch, made from high quality polycarbonate, it has a sturdy enough feel to it and seems that it would protect your iPhone well enough over time.

I thought the mirror, albeit not practical for me, gave it an appeal a woman might like.  The case opens to create a stand which is a great feature for viewing movies.  Although the case is a little bulky, I found it easy to hold in one hand and operate the screen. I don't know if a rating system is in order, but I would give the Eponymous case, a 6/10. With a few adjustments, the “everything you need” Eponymous case could realize its potential to be a top accessory contender.


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