The Apple App store boasts the number of apps it currently features, but those with Jailbroken devices have even more flexibility when it comes to apps for Cydia.  Here's a list of different must-have apps.

1. Activator

The number one must have tweak for a jailbroken iPhone.  This powerful app launcher allows you to use gestures to launch apps.

2. Folder Enhancer

Break the folder limits, folder in folder and multiple pages inside the folder.

3. Springtomize.

A complete customization tool for your iPhone.  Change every little detail you can think of.

4. Winterboard

If you like themes, then this app is for you.  This app gives you the power to completely customize the look of your iPhone.  Some of the features include:

  1. Video Wallpaper - Bored with static wallpaper. You can install video wallpaper in video form (.mp4). We had reported about an iPhone App called vWallpaper that allowed you to do that.
  2. Sound customization - Customize all kinds of system sounds.
  3. Web clips - Let you theme the web clips also.
  4. Lock Background - Customize the background of lock screen.
  5. SMS Background - Theme the SMS bubbles.
  6. Keyboard - Change the look & feel of iPhone keyboard.
  7. Calculator - Customize calculator background.

5. iProtect

If you want to protect any app? Protect any application with your password with iProtect.

6. Multicleaner With Activator

Close the current application with the support of Activator.

7. Multifl0w

A fine replacement for the default switcher (Double click - Home button) with windows style close (x) button.

8. GridLock

You can put any icons in any place - very useful with some themes.

9. CallController

Accept calls with a press of home button (No need the swipe to answer). Mute, Reject- all with flipping, shaking.

10. iBlackList

Want to Block the unwanted Spam SMS? Want to accept the calls from particular numbers?. This is the solution.

11. FolderIcons

Boring to see the standard folders in your home screen? Assign icons to the folders, so that the folders are look like an application. I will go in detail for each app/tweak in my following articles. Which one you want first?. I will follow the user feedback.

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  1. Great post! Making me think about JB my 4s and iPad

  2. Messges Customiser

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