It seems Apple is making it's presence known to enterprise users.  In a space once dominated by RIM, it seems the iPad and iPhone maker is capitalizing on their troubles.

An extensive study by Forrester that included 10,000 enterprise users across 17 countries examined how much Apple is being adopted within business circles.  Of all the stats and information provided, the one that stands out the most is the fact that over one fifth of those surveyed uses an Apple device for work.  This include those who use their personal devices for work purposes.  The breakdown is as follows: 11% use their iPhone; 9% use their iPad; and 8% use a Mac for their work.  On a higher level,  half of the enterprises are planning to increase their Mac use by 52%.  Due to the higher price tags associated with Apple products, those who are using them for business tend to be higher paid, younger and in senior positions.

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