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4 Responses to “iOS 5 is Out – What do you think about hte new features?”
  1. I can’t update my iphone 4. After downloading the update and updating my itunes to 10.5 and when i start clicking the update button after running for 5 mins it says error update 3193.
    Can somebody help me here. Thanks

  2. Can somebody help me what todo? After updating my itunes and downloading the ios update when i click on update button it says eror 3193
    Need help pls thanks

  3. To the ones who updated and lost how the edit contact function!!!!! Well the loop around it is going via txt and edit like that …..

  4. If you’ve jail broke before change your host redirection c:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\HOST
    This will allow you to update! I had Same on my 3GS

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