The X-Type Stand is a product released by Bracketron, industry leader in universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of today’s most popular mobile and handheld technologies, including GPS, smart phone, cell phone, MP3, satellite radio, laptop and netbook.

X-Type Stand is universal stand that works with most tablets and netbooks. It’s a low profile stand made of plastic that features 5 adjustable viewing angles from 0° to 45°. The bottom of the stand has four rubber feet that provide extra support and stability and prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. Rear legs (where the iPad 2 rests on) and bottom supports (where the iPad 2 stands) are also coated with rubber. This rubber pieces will prevent your iPad from slipping and will also protect it from scratching.

To use the X-Type Stand first open the support legs to perform a “X”, than lift the bottom supports, raise the rear legs and secure with angle supports, and the stand is ready to use. It holds the iPad 2 (with or without a case) securely in both portrait and landscape orientation. It’s best for onscreen typing and gaming, and there’s no need to fear that your iPad will fall or that the stand will fold even if you press or swipe hard on your device. I wish this stand had another 6th position that will hold your device at around 60° for more natural video and photo viewing. Design allows you to sync and charge your iPad when placed on the stand in both orientations. I like the design, the idea is great but I must admit that this stand looks a little bit rough.
It folds flat for easy storing or carrying, its very light which makes it a great travel companion.

Price: $19.95

- lightweight
- foldable
- easy to store and use

- Maximum viewing angle 45°

Bottom Line:
-This is not the most beautiful stand, but If you need cheap stand mainly for typing and gaming X-Type Stand is a great choice.

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[Thx Pece for the review]

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