Typing long emails or articles on the on-screen virtual keyboard on your iDevice sometimes can be very frustrating task, especially when typing on the iPhone's screen. On the iPad where the keys are just about normal sized in landscape mode its much easier to type, but on-screen keyboard covers half of the screen and is little too sensitive for typing long articles. Spelling mistakes and randomly auto-corrected words occur when you are trying to type fast as you would on your laptop or PC because you simply cannot "feel" what you are typing in contrast to the tactile nature of using a physical keyboard. You can easily hit the wrong key or miss out keys completely without even realizing it because of the smooth feel of the touchscreen surface. If your iPad replaced your old notebook, if you use your iPad as your main travel computer, or if you are sick of writing long emails and articles on the small iPhone screen while on the go, wireless bluetooth keyboard is right accessory for you and Verbatim's Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is a great choice. Here's why!

Verbatim's Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is portable mobile keyboard that works with your iPhone and iPad (and most bluetooth enabled tablets and phones). In the package you will find nice leather carrying case that will protect your keyboard not only from scratches and scuffs but will also prevent the keyboard from accidentally opening up while inside your backpack or bag. When opened it seats in place on four rubbery feet that prevent the keyboard to slide around. Placed on a flat surface it's glossy plastic body feels solid and sturdy. On the top there is a latch mechanism that locks the keyboard and prevents it from wobbling even if you place the keyboard on your lap when typing. Verbatim's Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard also comes with a built-in fold out stand that support your iPhone, iPod touch or other smartphone in portrait or landscape orientation, a great addition to the device.

On the far left side there is a battery compartment that holds two AAA batteries (included in the package), power On/Off switch, connectivity and power LED notification lights and the pairing button. The pairing process is pretty easy: turn the bluetooth on your iDevice, turn the keyboard ON, press the pairing button for 5 sec. (you'll need paperclip or a point pen). In a few seconds Verbatim Keyboard will appear on the list, tap on it, your device will give you 4 digit passkey, enter the key using the Verbatim Keyboard , press Enter and you are done. There is one drawback, but not a big deal IMO. This keyboard doesn't support Multipoint, so if you use multiple devices you'll have to re-pair each time when you move from one to the other.

When you open the keyboard for the first time you will notice nicely sized QWERTY keyboard with decent proportions (almost the same size as most laptop keyboards). The typing experience is pleasant, the keys have a solid feel and good tactile feedback. The keyboard has all of the standard alphanumeric and punctuation keys found on a regular QWERTY keyboard. However, because of its foldable design some changes are needed and will take some time to get used to it. For example: the “G” and the “B” keys are smaller than the other keys and the “H” and “V” keys are larger, the space bar is also smaller and is split on two keys, one on each half of the keyboard. Next to the battery compartment there is a row of dedicated media keys allowing you to play, pause and control your iTunes with the touch of a button. There are also some other unique keys: Home key (two of them - white squares with rounded corners) that do exactly what "Home" button on iPhone and iPad do (you can even bring up the multitasking menu with a double click), "Keyboard" key at the upper right corner that bring up on-screen virtual keyboard when pushed. There is also a dedicated "@" key (in addition to the "@" on the "2" key) on the bottom right next to the "Home" key.

There's one thing that I miss on this keyboard. There aren't any flip-up tabs that would put the keyboard at an angle when set on a flat surface.

Overall the Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is a great choice, its compact, portable, lightweight, size of the keys is perfect and also have some unique dedicated keys (for multimedia, "Home", "Keyboard") and additions (flip out stand and the carrying case) that other keyboards don't have.

Price: $104 on Verbatim's site, but it can be found for under $60 on Amazon.

[Thx Pece for the review]

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