Fellow bloggers 9to5Mac reports that several “reliable sources” have stated that the iPhone 3GS is "disappearing from stock databases with very little expected supply for the coming weeks".

If these reports are accurate then they cast doubts onto the recent rumors that the iPhone 3GS would be sold for $350 as a prepaid lower end Apple device. At the same time they fuel other rumors that Apple has more than one iPhone to be released next month and one of those will be a cheaper possibly prepaid lower end device.

The iPhone 3GS was made available on June 19th 2009. The 3GS was made in both white and black with initially 16 or 32GB of storage, an 8GB version came later. The 3GS kept the same form factor as the iPhone 3 but under the skin had a faster processor, an improved camera with better graphics and overall speed.

I have enjoyed every day of the last 2 years with my 3GS but I'm now looking forward to the iPhone 5.  Will you be saddened to see the 3GS retired?


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