Thursday looked like it was going to be another slow news day till fellow bloggers 9to5mac dropped what could be the story and the pic that the whole planet has been waiting for but, I have some doubts.

The story goes like this: A Guy traveling home from work who possibly works for Apple was sitting on a train holding a mobile phone. The cameraman convinced that he has seen a prototype of the iPhone 5 has tipped off 9to5mac as he is sure that the device he snapped on the train will fit perfectly in the leaked green iPhone case that was posted all over the net courtesy of 9to5mac yesterday.

On the other hand, as we would like to explore every angle and possibility it could be any commuter on a train playing a game or possibly texting his Wife to say trains on time tonight hunni I'll be home soon. On a good inspection of  the above picture we clearly have a guy sitting on a train holding a mobile device. Fact. My view, and without having specialist microscopic tools to help me blow up and fine tune the above mentioned picture is that it's not the iPhone 5. What it is we may never know. We would like to know your thoughts, is this the one? Feel free to leave us a comment in the comments section below.


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