In business for the last few years the buzzword in and around the boardrooms was Blackberry but that is all changing and it's happening fast.

According to Good Technology, which provides mobile device management services to 49 of the Fortune 100 and 182 of the Fortune 500, 27 percent of the mobile devices activated by its enterprise customers during the second quarter of 2011 were tablets and most of those were iPads. That's actually more than 95%.

Pretty impressive if you ask me, but not all that surprising. The iPad is more well-known in the tablet market than its alternative Android rivals. It's only logical that it's has made deeper routes into the enterprise market.

That said, it’s worth noting that Android tablet activations among Good customers actually declined to 3.1 percent during the quarter, despite the introduction of the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy. In fact, Good noted more iPad activations during the quarter than activations of all Android tablets and smartphones combined. Interesting, considering Android’s recent growth.

Why the big gap? John Herrema, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Good, thinks it’s got a lot to do with the consumerization of IT and the growing number of “Bring Your Own Device” employees in the enterprise space.

“We attribute the large gap between iPad and Android tablet activations to the combination of user preference among our ‘BYOD’ users and large deployments of company-owned iPads, especially in verticals like financial services and healthcare,” he told


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